Energetic therapy / Healing

‘The wound is the place where the light enters you’ – Rumi

Becoming aware of your feelings and take responsibility for your own life by letting go of old pain, is the key for creating positive change and happiness for yourself and for the people around you.

Signs and symptoms have something to say. 95% of all complaints and diseases are psychosomatic and we pull unconsciously to ourselves, because we have not processed experiences properly. When we have problems, this means that there is an imbalance between body, mind and soul. These symptoms can be experienced as positive. If you know the significance of the complaint, you can go fix it with awareness.

In my treatments I go looking for the cause of the complaint and a way to achieve change. If you’re thinking and your way of doing things change, the body also changes with it. Energetic therapy (healing) is based on naturopathic principles. By dissolving inner blockages, the energy is balanced. Limiting beliefs and old emotions resolve that you will feel free again.

When is energetic therapy appropriate for you?

  • You are looking for development on a deeper level within yourself;
  • You raise awareness on themes that recur often in your life;
  • You long to make choices from the heart;
  • You are looking for support to resolve blockages on your energy system;
  • You want to punt your energy into balance;
  • You want to let go of what holds you back in a situation.


In the first consultation we will discuss what your question is and what the symptoms are. During the history we make the question clear. I look at your life and your life events. I also do some testing to see where sitting in your energetic system blockages. On the basis of these steps, we will discuss the method of treatment. A combination of energetic therapy and coaching is available.

Old patterns, beliefs, emotions, deep pain or anxiety can emerge during the treatments. It may be that blockages are from past experiences, from your DNA or family lines. Unconscious events occur in the treatment forward. We focus on the related topics in order to truly let go of the events.

If you can let go of what holds you back unconscious in life then you will feel after a treatment room to make renewed choices. You feel free.

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Integration after the session

A healing will take a few hours to weeks time to integrate. Please, take into account of the possible effects on your body and mind such as muscle pains, lucide dreams, fatigue, coldness, sadness, depression, anger, disorientation and/or emotional processing. If you have questions or if symptoms persist for a long time, please contact me.