Coaching starts with the choice that you want to change something and that you take responsibility for that choice.
It gives you the opportunity to pay attention to the important questions for you.
Life coaching * Career coaching * Personal development * Therapy

Life coaching

In the nineties, the scientific movement of positive psychology has been arised, also known as the science of happiness. Life coaching is a practical application. Life coaching is about who you really are and focuses on the whole person. It covers all areas of your life such as relationships, health, work, happiness, family, finance and leisure. Life coaching encourages self-knowledge, aims to change and creates inner freedom.

Questions that are central are: ‘what do I actually want in my life? Where is my passion? What is really useful in my life? Where am I really good at? What kind of people do I want to surround myself?’  These deep desires are in fact manifestations of our most important life tasks. These are the messages form our hearts that tells us what we can do best in our lives. Life coaching focuses on creating balance in life.

Career coaching

Career coaching supports you with questions in your work: ‘What do I want? What can I? Maybe you are looking at what your talents are and your passion or maybe you have questions about what the next step in your career could be. Maybe you have lost your job and because of that you are out of balance. You are looking for support in this process to get yourself energized again and get ready for work. Through discussions and practical exercises arise insights that help you to make informed choices and take action.

Personal development

Everyone has his moments in life when you feel you can/will take important steps. Or when you just feel the energy is no longer as before and you want to start moving again. Coaching in the field of personal development helps you to become more aware about yourself and what happened in your life. You give yourself the opportunity to grow in a short time as a person and a professional.


Together we determine the coach topic and  approach. As a coach, I will be a mirror for you, I ask by and confront you. Sometimes I call what you do not see and we look together to the question behind the question. Various methods may be employed because I believe in coaching that is deepening and also practical. This will bring new insights and helps you to develop further. You are able to make clear choices that are appropriate for you at this time in your life.

When is coaching meaningful? 

  • You would like to gain insights in your own behavior;
  • You ask yourself what you want to achieve in your life and/or work;
  • You are longing for a better relationship with yourself and you want to experience the impact on your environment;
  • You have difficulties to set healthy boundaries and to choose for yourself;
  • You are looking for another job;
  • You want to clarify what is best for you;
  • You will hinders fears and beliefs;
  • You have difficulties to take responsibility for your life;
  • You are looking for vitality, piece and balance and you want to radiate this.

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