About Diana

Making the unconscious conscious, recognizing what’s is really going on.

About Diana

During my work in several companies I discovered that I love to work with people. By nature I like to guide people, mirroring them and to develop further in a meaningful way. That’s why I have started my own coach practice. After a while I discovered that only mental coaching is not enough, so I was looking for a holistic way of work for body, mind and spirit. I have found this in the way of working of energetically and natural medicine by Instituut voor E.E.N. in the Netherlands.

I work from a holistic view. Human are considered in the holistic view as a ‘wholeness’ of different levels: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. A disruption of any of these levels could also affecting the other levels.

It may be that a question or complaint is not isolated and that the cause is somewhere else than you initially think. It may be useful to look at the question or complaint from various disciplines to find possible causes and solutions. 

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Energetic naturopathy

E.E.N. ® therapy is a holistic therapy based on natural medicine to balance the client. E.E.N. ® therapy is focused on learning how to deal with emotions. Where does emotions come from? How to deal with emotions? This method is based on eastern and western healing studies. 


Psychosocial basis knowledge. Modules: psychology and psychopathology (2016)
Instrument for Help, Post HBO coaching program, Institute for Applied Integral Psychology (ITIP) (2012-2013)
Co-Active Coaching Program, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI) (2012)


Theta Healing, Theta Healing Training Institute (Bangkok) (2013 – 2014)
Kundalini Yoga Mind & Meditation teacher training (2013)
Intuïtieve ontwikkeling, Centrum voor Leven en Intuïtie Utrecht (CLI) (2011)


HEAO Management, Economy and Law, Bachelor of Business Administration (2002 – 2005)